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Here are some samples of what we have posted in the past.
(Please note that most of our updates are still dry, the wet shoots will be mixed with them from now on)

In 2015, the new updates will be visible on www.NoNude.nl 





A good focus on the great jeans that gets a bit wet as well!

 Mandy in tight blue jeans with rips and hardly any buttocks to fill them :-)

Cute Biljana in a very nice capri jeans gets a little wet

2 Turkish girls in very expensive jeans show off

A dirty jeans is a Joyce forever... :-)

 Carola in tight denim with round bum gets her flares wet.


Carlein in a nice jeans video with very tight jeans and a denim jacket over a white shirt. 
She enjoys the rolling waves and gets her clothes wet. Pretty girl :-)

Tess & Valerie in a very romantic setting enjoy each others jeans!

Britt in denim skirt with rips poses on the beach an in the water.

More Michelle in jeans top and bottom taking a walk around the water.

Baggy trousers and  cool jacket, it gets a little wet.

Beautiful Merel is wearing a perfect jeans outfit, showing the difference of the fabric when wet.

Ania in a light jeans with very nice, round ass and some string slip :-)

Indian girl in jeans with tight fit

Sandy on moonboots in a tight ripped jeans

More of Femke in her G-Star Raw 3301

Ingrid in denim pants and jacket on the beach.

Mandy on the beach gets her straight denim wet. And just for the fun of it, her friend bending over to pick up Mandys shoes ;-)

Ingrid is a very athletic girl, wearing tight jeans and a denim jacket. 
She sits down on the waterfront, smoking and just relaxing.I

Amy in a denim shorts with folded sleeves makes a mudbath and gets her shorts dirty in it.

Tess is wearin light denim jeans with special cord accessories and Valerie is wearing denim shorts


Movie of Femke in great denim jeans by G-Star, the 3301 Raw, and a denim jacket poses on the beach and in a river.
She is getting completely soaked in the process. Great shape!

Two turkish girls Nuhan and Gina in exclusive jeans get them wet.
Only the jeans get wet but they look so good when they cling to those butts!

at the beach, lovely girl!!

Marijn in jeans pants and jeans jacket. She gets her pants a little bit wet, but the focus is on the great fit of this lovely girl!

Mandy wears a perfectly good jeans into the mud. The rips on her legs make this a great denim!


Femke in jeans outfit at the beach, she even gets a bit wet.


Tess & Valerie are making a puddle of mud and don't mind showing the rips in their worn jeans!


Ramona in a tight jeans gets it wet, so it gets even more tight!


Small set of Anna in jeans pants and jeans jacket, posing outdoors. She even takes a step into some deep mud.

Linda and Mariska both in jeans in the swimmingpool

Moroccan Leila in a bright blue denim with wide flares and tight thighs. 
She poses in it dry and then makes it wet in the shower to get a darker colour.
170 big pictures


Mariska in an Indian Rose jeans in the swimmingpool!
She first shows her pants all dry, then slowly wets it, and at the end she completely soaks it!

Small set of small Nataly in a regular fit denim. She sits and poses on the beach, and takes just a few steps into water.

New girl Silvie is in a happy mood. She is wearing a light blue Only jeans and a black shirt under a half jeans jacket.
She poses in the field and when it starts to rain she decides it doesn't matter if she gets wet even more. 
The camera follows her as she runs into the water, jumping around and showing off her wet denim pants.